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How to Decorate Your Porch for Christmas

Tis the season, and you are staring at your wonderful but rather plain porch. Two things need to happen here. One you need to go over to our shop page at and order your custom porch swing, and then the second is to decorate your beautiful porch.

Where do you start though? First, a gorgeous wreath would go a long way to jazzing up the porch, and adding some exquisite ornaments would give your porch some much needed sparkle!

Second, string some lights up those columns and across the railings. Bonus points if you add a full garland and some more of those ornaments!

Garland and lights for christmas go well with a live elevated porch swing
glamorous lighting to brighten up your porch

Another way to add some light and glamour is to get a glass lantern or two and place some battery powered lights inside for your tables and benches.

Beautiful lanterns for your porch swing

Third, a beautiful tree to adorn your porch would make a wonderful focal point as you are sitting on some custom made furniture from us. The more extravagant the better out here where everyone can see it! Also, if you don't

do a real tree inside for all sorts of various reasons this is a good place to get a little piece of that tradition.

All these options make a huge impact on the way your porch looks, but don't forget to add some christmas pillows and a cozy blanket for your swing.

Have a happy holidays! From live Elevated

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